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Are you ready for the coming Valentine's Day? Spend a happy day with your lover and give him/her a big surprise, they will be very happy.

We want to share "love" pillowcases on Valentine's Day. Let us have a try together.


Freezer paper, paint, fabric, pillowcases, ruffer for fabric.

Making Details:

Start by cutting your decorative fonts. A different one for each letter.

The letter is reserved, cuts out the freezer paper better with the shiny side up.

Iron the freezer paper to the pillowcase, two words on each side.

Cover the open section of the stencils with paint mixed with fabric.

Once the paint is completely dry, you can move onto the next stencil.

It is so fun to pull off the freezer paper and see the cute letters underneath.

Once the letters were painted on, add some ruffles to the hem of each pillowcase.

Cut the fabric strip into white and light beige color.

Staring with two of the cream ruffles, pin them to the edge of the pillowcase.

Overlap the ruffles just a bit where they meet on the pillowcase.

Sew the top row on.

Repeat for the other two ruffles, overlapping them at different points on the pillowcase.

Repeat for the other side of pillowcase.

Now, all is done. You have a sweet and stylish way to dress up your room on Valentine's Day.

Hope your lover will like it!

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