Raindrop Necklace

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What you’ll need:

•2 cloud-shape felt

•beads for the chain (I used 45 x 6mm crystal beads)

•10 drop-shape beads (I used 8mm chalcedony drops)

•45 eyepins

•13 jumprings (I used 12 x 8mm and 1 x 6mm)

•1 clasp

•beading wire

•4 small pieces of chains (mines are 3 x 0.8cm and 1 x1.6cm, but they depend on how big your beads are)

•a pair of flat-nose pliers

•a pair of round-nose pliers

•a pair of wire cutters


1) Let’s start by making the chains. Thread a bead to an eyepin, and bend it at a 90 degrees angle.

2) Leaving about 1cm, snip off the excess eyepin with the wire cutter.


3) Grasp the end of the eyepin with the round-nose pliers, then twist it in a circular motion until the end of the headpin forms a small loop.

4) Repeat the step 1 to 3 to make the second loop, then simply add the first loop to the second loop before closing it.


5) Continue the steps to make two chains until you reach the length you want. I used 22 beads on the left side, and 23 on the right side.

6) Add the clasp and one end of the chain to the jumpring.

7) And add a jumpring on the other end of the chain, and you’re done with the chains.


8) Poke a hole through the edge of the cloud with an awl or large-eyed needle.

9) Place a jumpring through the hole.


10) Continue step 8 &9 and place 11 jumprings in total. The jumprings 1 and 11 are where the chains will be connected later.

11) Thread a bead to the beading wire (about 10cm in length).

12) Twist the wire once above the bead.


13) Trim one of the wires.

14) And create a loop above the twist using round-nose pliers.


15) Wind the wire around 3-4 times below the loop.

16) Add the bead to the jumpring. One raindrop done!


17) To make ‘dangling’ drops, add the chain to the loop before wrapping the wire.

18) Add the ‘chain + drop’ and ‘without chain drop’ to the jumpring, and you’ll have the ‘dangling’ drops.


19) Repeat the steps to add all the drops to the jumprings.

20) Connect the shorter chain to the jumpring on the smaller cloud.

21) Connect the longer chain to the jumpring on the bigger cloud, and you’re finally done!



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