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     If you are new to Rainbow Loom you’re probably like we were back then – scouring the net for easy tutorials that won’t leave you in the midst of a complete rainbow loom fail. That’s why we have rounded up eight of the easiest Rainbow Loom bracelet designs that we could find. Once you’ve accomplished all of these patterns, you’ll be well on your way to taking on more advanced designs.

     So there are 8 kinds of easy bracelets for rainbow loom beginners. Please have a look and make a good impression. Then you can make them one by one in your free time.

    1.  Single


    2.  Squared single


   3. Fishtail


   4. Double band fishtail


  5. Railroad


   6. Triple single


  7. Diamond


   8. Bonbon


  The railroad is the same as the triple single accept not filling the middle row with elastics on the loom and the double fish tail is the same as the fish tail just using 2 elastics instead of one. They are fairly simple the kids that i work with just showed me these today and i already know how to make several different types.

  Therefore, you can decide which one you wold like to make by yourself. So many for you to choose, right?


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