Purple Haze Bracelet Project

Product Details

1) Glue each of the Crystal Squares into a square setting. Allow to dry before moving.

2) With your Sidecutters, snip off the ball end of a headpin. Make a large simple loop on this end of the headpin, attach a Tanzanite Round onto the length of the wire, and then make another large simple loop on the other end of the headpin. Repeat this step with the other headpins and Tanzanite Rounds.

3) Attach each of the loops to a square setting. Make a chain consisting of a square setting and then a beaded headpin. With the free beaded headpin end of the bracelet, open the loop slightly and attach the small length of chain to it.

4) Open the jump ring and use this to attach the Lobster Clasp to the other free end of the bracelet. Done.

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Lobster Clasp 10x5.5mm Gun Metal Plated
4" Length of Cable Link Chain 5mm Gun Metal Plated
4 Square Ring Setting 2-Loop 14mm Pewter Gun Metal Plated
4 Swarovski Square Ring 4439 14mm Crystal Vitrail Light with Foil 4 Head Pin with 2mm Ball 2" 22 gauge Gun Metal Plated
1 Jump Ring - Open 5mm Gun Metal Plated
4 Swarovski Round 5000 Bead 8mm Tanzanite

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