Pumpkin Hanging Decoration

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Have you thought of making a pumpkin hanging decoration for your friends or yourself. Just come here, we introduce you the easiest ways of making the pumpkin hanging decoration. And you will get fun and learn a lot from this project. Let's start to make it!


Some small pieces of brown fabric

Brown stitching

A large pearl

Five small pearls

Nylon cord

Making Details:

Start by cutting a circle shape strip from the brown fabric. The size is depending on your jewelry making.

Basting around, shirk thread and become a pocket shape.

Filled with and stuffed cotton within a spherical pocket, taut and sewing the thread and knotted thread.

Through to the center line with sutures.

From the side and back to the beginning and pull it tightly. Repeat this step for 8 times.

Making 8 trenches on the spheroids . Such a basic shape of pumpkin is showing out.

Use five small pearls and nylon to make a  nice chain.

Penetrate it from the bottom and come out to the top.

Fix the nylon wire at the top and add a large pearl in the center of pumpkin.

Completed to make it!


You will like it vary much. Why not give a try? :  )

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