Pom Pom Necklace

Product Details

You’ll need:

•pompom tape, 50cm

•colors of cords, 60cm x 2

•chains, 50cm

•80 – 150 jump rings (I used 7mm ones)

•8mm jump rings x 4

•3 hole spacers x 2

•6 clamshell calottes

•6 crimp beads

•beads (I used 90 x 6mm and about 40 x 2mm beads)

•beading wire, about 20cm

•nylon string


1) Let’s start by cutting a nylon string to 60cm, and add a crimp bead. Crimp the bead flat with flat-nose pliers.

2) Add a clamshell calotte.


3) And close the opening with flat-nose pliers.

4) Thread beads until it’s about 25cm long.


5) When you’re done, thread another clamshell calotte.

6) Add a crimp bead, crimp it with flat-nose pliers, then close the opening of the calotte.


7) Repeat step 1 to 6 to make two more beaded strings.

8) Attach the beaded strings to a 3 hole spacer.


9) Attach the other end of the beaded strings to another 3 hole spacer.

10) Attach a jump ring to the edge of the pompom tape. Don’t close the jump ring yet!


11) And continue attaching jump rings on the entire length of the pompom tape.

12) Attach the chain to the jump rings.


13) Next, place a tape around the edge of the cord (the one that’ll come on top) so that it’ll be easy to thread through jump rings.

14) Thread jump rings; you’ll need the same amount of jump rings as you used on the pompom tape. I added about 30 more jump rings for extra bling.


15) Add a jump ring to the chain.

16) Then connect the jump ring to the jump ring you threaded on the cord.


17) Repeat the step 15 and 16 on the entire length of the cord.

18) Place a tape around the edge of the cord (the one that’ll come in the middle) and thread it through the jump rings that connect the chain and the top cord.


19) This is how it looks at this stage; it’s almost done!

20) Thread a 8mm jump ring to the middle cord.


21) Fold the cord and wrap beading wire a few times to secure it. The jump ring you threaded at step 20 should be in between the wire.

22) Cut the excess cord.


23) Repeat the step 20 to 22 to finish off the rest of the cords.

24) Attach the cords and the pompom tape to 3 hole spacers, and you’re finally done!



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