Pom Pom Mushroom

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You’ll need:


•yarn (red, white and cream)

•2 pom pom makers in different sizes (45mm and 20mm)


1) Wrap the white yarn 5 times at the bottom of the bigger pom pom maker, tie a knot, and trim the edge.

2) Wrap the red yarn evenly around the pom pom maker. Tie a knot and trim the edge.


3) Wrap the white yarn 7 times each on the right and left side of the pom pom maker, tie a knot, and trim the edge.

4) Wrap the red yarn evenly around the pom pom maker. Make sure that there aren’t any white yarns showing. It looks really chunky, I know, but this will make the pom pom nice and dense.


5) Close the maker, and set aside.

6) Make a pom pom with the cream yarn in anyway you like (but don’t tie it just yet).


7) Cut through the yarn around the circle. This is my favourite bit! You can see the dots on the cap.

8) Cut a separate piece of white yarn, and slip it through the makers (the one for the cap). Tie a tight double knot.

9) Open the maker and remove the pom pom.


10) Next, with the same piece of yarn you just tied the cap, tie a double knot on the cream pom pom.

11) Carefully remove the cream pom pom from the maker. As you can see, the cap will get in the way, but you will get there. Make sure to tighten the wool tie after each step, just in case!


12) Tighten the wool tie once more; now the cap and the stem will be sitting tightly together.

13) Now, it’s trimming time! Trim the stem first because it’s easier to do so while the cap has longer yarns.


14) When trimming the cap, you’ll probably have these untidy dots at first.

15) To tidy them up, use the tip of the scissors to re-position the yarns in the right place. Also, roll the mushroom between your fingers several times so that you won’t miss odd bits of long yarns. And when it’s nice and tidy, you’re done!



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