Peyote Bezel Ring

Product Details

You’ll Need:

•1 Swarovski rivoli

•sead beads

•beading thread and needle

•pearls (I’m using 2mm plastic pearls)


1) Let’s start by making a peyote bezel. After making the bezel, simply cut it off from the felt.

And the photo in the right is how the bezel looks from the side.


2) Thread a needle and pass it through a seed bead in the first row.

3) Tie a tight double knot at the side of the seed bead, and trim the excess. Thread pearls until it comfortably wraps around your finger.


4) Pass the needle through a seed bead on the opposite side of the seed bead you passed at step 2.

5) Tie a tight double knot.


6) Pass needle back through a few seed beads, trim the excess and you’re done!


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