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Peridot Color and Shape

Peridot is commonly a lime green color. However, depending on the amount of iron present, the stone could have more yellow or brown notes. Some peridot gemstones are an earthy olive hue.

Since peridot is so readily available, it comes in all sorts of shapes and cuts. This includes oval, round, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, and rectangular. To fully show off its bright sparkle, some of our peridot gems have fancier facets, such as cushion-cut and emerald-cut. For a more casual style, the green gemstone can be formed into a bead and strung into multistrand necklaces and bracelets.

Peridot Styles and Motifs

Classic designs dominate peridot jewelry, as most people like to enjoy the beauty of the stone as it is. Try peridot solitaire rings and pendant necklaces for a singular look. A simple pair of peridot studs is great for everyday and peridot drop earrings for something a little extra in the evening.

To experience the lushness of the green hue, slip on a sparkling peridot tennis bracelet or necklace. For a fuller silhouette, you will love a multistrand peridot necklace or bracelet, often twisted into a torsade. If you want to bring the party to your hand, try a peridot three-stone ring or a peridot cluster ring.

Because green is so present in nature, peridot is often featured in animal and plant motifs. Go whimsical with a peridot frog or butterfly. Or try something a bit more enchanting, with peridot leaf and flower jewelry.

Peridot Settings and Ornamentation

Peridot is set in the most popular fine jewelry metals, including 14kt gold and sterling silver. A white gold peridot ring will maximize the stone's natural sparkle, while a yellow gold peridot ring will draw out the gem's yellow tones. For ultimate style and affordability, couple up a sterling silver peridot bracelet with a pair of sterling silver peridot earrings!

In addition to fine metals, you can find peridot set with diamonds, for some extra dazzle, or pearls, for a special silky touch. To fashion a multicolored look, peridot is also combined with other colored gemstones, such as amethyst or blue topaz, creating a ravishing rainbow on all kinds of rings, necklaces, and earrings.

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