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What is Peridot?

Peridot is a gemstone cut from the mineral olivine. It is used in many styles of jewelry and has been adopted as the birthstone for August. The most common peridot pronunciation is per-i-doh, coming from the French word peritot, meaning "unclear," because of the numerous ambiguities found within the gemstone. Chrysolite, an older German word, was also used to describe the gem before the word peridot was applied to all gem-quality peridot stones.

Peridot Meaning

Often called the evening emerald, the shimmering, pale green peridot is commonly associated with spirituality and self-expression. Peridot is the national gem of Egypt, and the ancient Egyptians knew it as the gem of the sun. In a symbolic sense, peridot represents power, good fortune, positive thinking, and love.
Peridot Properties
Peridot ranks a 6.5-7 on the Mohs and has an intriguing double refraction: when you look through it, things appear double. But what color is peridot -- can you take a guess? Peridot is a light and bright green with cheerful notes of yellow. Some may liken it to a soft "lime" green. However the depth of the green color depends on the amount of iron present in the stone. The less iron, the deeper the green.
PERIDOT: the birthstone of the month of August, peridot is only found in one color — green. Historians are now convinced that some, if not all, of the emeralds that Cleopatra was famous for wearing were not actually emeralds but deep green peridot stones from Egypt. More about colored gemstones.
Peridot Healing Properties
The metaphysical properties of peridot trace back to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, as well as the Incas and Aztecs. Many believe, still to this day, that the peridot gemstone contains a positive energy used for protection and cleansing. The ancients used it to treat stomach and liver illnesses, and also to sooth pain and uneasy thoughts.
Where is Peridot Found?
Because of its rich history with the ancient Egyptians, peridot is known to come from Egypt. Some of the best quality gems also come from the Canary Islands, China, Brazil, Norway, Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa provide. New sources include Arizona, Mexico, Oregon, Norway, Pakistan, Russia and Sri Lanka.
Peridot Jewelry Care & Handling
Peridot, although relatively hard (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale) should be spared from rugged wear. The best way to clean your peridot is with warm, soapy water. You should protect it from scratching and sharp blows that can fracture or shatter the stone. 

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