Pearls From China

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Pearls from China have all that make them perfect pearl jewelry choice for people because of...

their high quality which rely on

Unique perfect natural pearls-breeding conditions and pearl oysters living conditions in China:

- diversity of wonderful water areas
- little pollution in rivers and sea
- broad pearls-breeding water areas, viz. low breeding density
- cheap and rich feeds for pearl oysters
- few earthquake in pearls-breeding areas
- good temperatures for pearl oysters living

Advanced pearls-breeding techniques not getting behind any other countries due to intercommunication for many years.

their low price which rely on

- Lower pearls-breeding cost in China
- Lower labor cost in China

their long history

- the first country of the world finding, collecting and using pearls ascending to 2200 BC, more than 4000 years ago.
- the first country developing cultured pearls long before nearly 1000 years, about 1082 A.D..

their undeniable importance in pearl industry of the world nowadays!

- up to 96% yields of the world's pearl production.
- the main pearls exporting country to Japaness. In fact, a large quantity of China pearls are used for Japanese pearl jewelry.

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