Pearl and Leather Necklace

Product Details

What you'll need:

Raw leather cord


Bead reamer for plastic pearls or a pearl reamer for real pearls.



1. Cut two strips of leather cord between 20″-30″ depending on the length you want and tie a knot about an inch from each end. Cut three 9″ strips and two 6″ strips. Using your bead reamer to make the hole in your pearls larger if necessary, slide one on each end of your 5 strands and knot the ends.

2. Find the center of your necklace and using one of your longer strands of pearls, create a half slipknot around your base necklace and pull it tight.

3. Make a loop… slide under your base necklace… pull ends through and tighten. Knot your small strands on either side of your center long strand.

4. Continue knotting your two longer strands on either end of the shorties.

Now you're done!


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