Pearl and Chiffon Necklace

Product Details

What you need:

Pearls, jewelry thread and needle, 1/8 yard of non-fraying chiffon, tiny piece of felt.


1. Cut your chiffon into one inch strips. Cut a 1 1/4 circle from the felt.

2. Using a needle and coordinating thread gather the chiffon as you stitch it to the outside of the circle.

3. Turn, gather and stitch moving towards the center of your flower.

4. When you get to the center, turn the raw edge under and tack in place.

5. For the necklace string one 18 inch pearl necklace and one 20 inch.

6. Put the necklaces on and decide where you want the flower.

7. Mark the spot, remove the necklace and hand stitch the flower in place.


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