Pearl Ring

Product Details

You’ll Need:

•12 pearls (I’m using 2mm plastic pearls)

•bead string cord, about 15cm

•1 jump ring

•chain, about 5cm

•pair of flat-nose pliers


1) Thread 4 pearls to the beading string, then pass through the first bead.

2) Thread one pearl on each string (5 & 6), then pass through 7.


3) Thread one pearl on each string again (8 & 9), then pass through 10.

4) Thread 11th pearl, and pass through 3. Tread 12th pearl and pass through the other end of string.


5) Pull both ends tight, and now you have a beaded ball looking like this. Make a tight knot, and pull the strings through a few beads so that the knot will be located inside the bead. Trim the excess strings.

6) Add the end of a chain to a bent wire or cord.


7) Thread the wire and the chain through the beaded ball, and take the wire off.

8) Using flat-nose pliers, connect the jump ring and the chain. Adjust the size of the ring, and you’re done!



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