Pearl Bracelet

Product Details

What you need:

1. Pearl Beads

2. Charms

3. Wire

4. Pliers


1.Take a wire and cut it a little more in length than the size of your wrist.

2.Take one end of the wire and twist it in order to make a loop.

3.Slide 4 or 5 beads together through the wire, and then add charms. Add beads again, and charms again.

4.Add your charms to the wire in such a way that there are equal number of beads and charms on each side; this is to give your pearl bracelet a nice balanced look.

5.Make sure to leave a little bit of wire empty at the end to form another loop with the pliers.

6.Lock both ends of the wire with the loops. You have a pearl bracelet!


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