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1) Take the length of wire and thread on one Crimp Tube and one half of the clasp. Take the wire around and back through the Crimp Tube. Pull so that the wire cinches up to the clasp, and crimp the tube closed with your Crimping Pliers. Cut the wire tail off with your Side Cutters.

2) Thread on one 7mm Wood Bead followed by a 2.5mm Gold Plated Bead. Repeat 11x.

2) Thread on one 10mm Wood Bead followed by a 4mm Gold Plated Bead. Repeat 5x.

3) Thread on one 16mm Wood Bead followed by a 4mm Gold Plated Bead. Repeat 2x.

4) Thread on one 20mm Wood Bead followed by a 4mm Gold Plated Bead. Repeat 2x.

5) Now that you are on the other side of the necklace, repeat the pattern with three 16mm Wood Beads (4mm Gold Plated Beads in-between each), six 10mm Wood Beads (still using the 4mm Gold Plated Beads in-between each) and then threading on the remaining eleven 7mm Wood Beads (with the remaining tweleve 2.5mm Gold Plated Beads in-between).

To Finish.

6) Thread the remaining Crimp Tube onto the wire (if you look at the other side of your necklace, you might notice that your first Crimp tube may have tucked itself into the first bead threaded on. No problem. Think of this as a built in Crimp Cover. You're going to pull a bit tighter on this unfinished end of the necklace to hopefully have this Crimp Tube also tuck itself into the last bead threaded on after finishing with the crimping process.)

7) Take the wire through the other side of the clasp and then around and back down through the last Crimp Tube. Pull tight and then use your Crimping Pliers to secure the Crimp Tube. Cut the excess wire off with your Side Cutters. Done.

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