Online Shopping is Easier When You Follow These Tips

Product Details

Here are five tips you can follow to make your jewelry online shopping experience, safe, fun and stress-free!


How many years has the company been in business? What is their BBB rating? Are they a Google+ Rated store? You can often find the answers to these questions on a company's "About Us" or "Company History" page.


Does the store have a 100% guarantee or risk-free return policy? You want to make sure that if for some reason you are not happy with what you purchased, you have an option to exchange or return it within 30 days.

Product Size:

Are actual dimensions of products provided? You want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting — with no surprises!

Product Reviews:

Don't just look at the number of stars listed next to a product. Take time to read the product reviews — positive and negative. Many times what one considers negative, you may not. For instance, someone else may have wanted a darker purple gemstone, but you may be happy with a violet tone.


You will be entering your credit card information at checkout; so you want to make sure the website is secure. Look either in the upper corner, bottom of screen or at checkout for such security icons.

Now you are ready to grab a cup of coffee, kick back and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home!

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