Ombre Washer Necklace

Product Details

you'll need:

washers of different sizes

necklace chain

acrylic paint

a small paintbrush

super glue


1. First thing you'll want to do is separate you washers into groups.  For this style of necklace, I wanted a graduated look, where starting in the center are my largest washers, graduating to tiny washers at the ends.  So decide how many washers you want of a certain color.  Mix your paints together so that you have a gradient of different colors.  Here I have seven colors, ranging from deep blue, to white, so I made seven groups of washers.  I wanted the one in the center to be super dark blue, the next two beside that a little lighter, the next two lighter than that, and so on.

2. Next lay your washers down on a piece of wax paper or foil. Next, with a small paintbrush, paint each group of washers the color you've chosen. Thin coats will cause the paint to appear smooth and not streaky. I let the first coat of paint dry for about 20 minutes and then came back with a second thin coat. Once that is completely dry, string your washers on a necklace chain.

3. You'll find that the washers do not naturally hang flat as in the picture here, so you'll have to glue them down that way.  The key to this is making sure that the washers are CENTERED on the chain.  Start from the middle and lay the washers flat in the way you would want it to lay on your chest if you were wearing it.  If you're slightly obsessive like me, you'll want to straighten out the washers exactly in the curve that you want and then glue them down.  Superglue the edges of the washers together, only where they meet each other, to secure them.  A little bit of glue is key, so that your fingers don't get caught in all the stickiness!  Once they're glued down, that's it!!


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