Ombre Crystal Necklace

Product Details

You'll need:

small flush cutter

round-nose pliers

18 Czech beads

toggle clasp

fat oval chain (18″)

a smaller chain (you will need about 14″ for the necklace + 9 links to attach your beads to)

18 small jump rings or extra links from your smaller chain

18 head pins

1 medium jump ring


1. Connect 7″ of the smaller chain to each side of the 18″ fat oval chain. Do this by opening a link on your smaller chain with the round nose pliers then closing the link around your fat oval chain.

2. Again, by opening a link on the loose ends of your smaller chain, connect your toggle clasp

3. Cut an additional piece of your smaller chain 9 links long and connect to the bottom of your clasp with a medium jump ring

4. Thread your czech beads onto head pins and make loops on them.

5. Start attaching your beads to the 9 links hanging down, two per link. I used chain links to connect the beads, or you can also use small jump rings. Start with the lighter colored beads at the top and work your way down to the darker ones.


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