November Birthstone Gifts are Beautiful for Special Occasions

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For hundreds (and possibly thousands) of years, people have been gifting birthstones for all kinds of special occasions. And if you're stumped on what to buy, birthstone jewelry is an easy place to start! Our collection of November birthstone jewelry is classically styled to satisfy all tastes and highlight the natural dazzling color of citrine. Browse around to find stunning citrine rings, traditional citrine stud earrings, graceful citrine pendant necklaces, and lavish citrine bracelets.

For fine affordability, we have citrine jewelry in sterling silver. But if luxury is your aim, you can find the citrine birthstone in white or yellow gold, often with delicious diamond accents. Here are some of our favorite occasions for buying November jewelry:

Birthday: A citrine gemstone for a November birthday is the most traditional occasion for citrine stone jewelry. Whether it is a Bat Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, or another milestone birthday, you'll have that special granddaughter or niece smiling with beautiful birthstone citrine jewelry. And if you have a sister of cousin who is into astrology, they'll love the positive metaphysical properties of citrine and the birthstone's connection to the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Thank You: Since November is the month for Thanksgiving, a citrine gem can be special token of thanks to someone you appreciate. Citrine hoop earrings or a citrine jewelry set with make a lovely present to a mother or grandmother on Mother's Day, a teacher or principal on Teacher's Appreciation Day, or even a supervisor on Boss' Day. You'll make them feel respected and also score a few brownie points while you're at it.

Get Well: Often referred to as the "healing stone," the November birthstone will make a thoughtful get-well present to someone who is ill or just feeling down. Many believe in the power of citrine healing, trusting it to aid in digestion, increase energy and stamina, and also relieve depression and phobias.

Good Luck: The most popularly known meaning of citrine is "prosperity." When you offer someone a piece of citrine gemstone jewelry, you are wishing them a lifetime of wealth, health, and happiness. Give as a "Good Luck" gift to someone moving to another state or country, or to someone beginning school or starting a new career. They could use some of the fortune-bringing power of citrine.

Congratulations: Celebrate someone's achievements and congratulate them with November birthstones. Your November-born daughter or friend will feel quite accomplished when you award them a citrine stackable ring as a Graduation gift. And that new mother of a November baby will feel so loved when you give her a citrine "Push Present." Citrine is known to bring joy and good fortune.

Apologies: Maybe you messed up or got into an argument with someone you love. You can say "I'm sorry" best with a piece of November birthstone jewelry. Metaphysical citrine powers include the ability to ease disputes, bring clarity to the mind, and insight cheerfulness. Sounds like the perfect way to smooth things over.

Anniversary: Traditional November birthstone jewelry is typically given for either the 13th or 17th anniversary of a wedding. But no one is stopping you from gifting it for any anniversary you'd like. Your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife will be absolutely charmed by a citrine diamond ring or a tennis-style citrine bracelet.

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