Multifunctional Hair Elastic

Product Details

This decorative hair elastic has an elegant modern feelings to see. In addition to use for your hair, you can also wear it on your wrist as a jewelry. 

You can make different colors of hair ring, you can change it according to your mood.


Material needed:

Plaid, lace and elastic band.

Step 1: cropped the plaid 30*10 cm, lace 30 cm. After that, put the lace into the medium of elastic band.

           Fix and sew in the center line.

Step 2: curl the plaid, put the position inward. Stitched both edges into a hair ring shape. Then ironing the seam.

Step 3: fold the hair ring into 5 cm wide, leaving a few centimeters of the edge.

            Suture the remaining edges, turn the back to the front position.

Step 4: fold the lace into the edge of hair ring. Connecting them together by sewing machine.

Step 5: penetrate the elastic hair band from the opening mouth. Knotted and fixed at both ends of edge.

           Return to sew the opening mouth is completed!

Now, have a try to make it!

You will like this beautiful hair elastic very much. You can also make it for different colors according to your design and style.

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