Multi-colored Friendship Bracelet

Product Details

    Materials needed for making the thread wapped friendship bracelet:

  • Suede Cord
  • Colorful Nylon Thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue


   Please learn these instructions to make the thread wrapped friendship bracelet:

   Step 1: wrap on the first colored thread

  Decide the colors you wanna adorn the suede cord bracelet. Snip the needed length and then you can start to wrap the first color on the suede cord. Remember that at beginning, tie a knot and secure it by glue. Wrap tightly with the thread.

  Step2: change another colored thread

  To switch colors, tie the two colors together at the inside part of the bracelet. Then cover the knot by new color and continuing wrapping the rest bracelet portion.

  Step3: complete wrapping the friendship bracelet

  Repeat the above procedures to add on other chosen colors and stop until the threads have covered the whole suede cord bracelet. Secure the end as same as you did at beginning.

  And well done! We’ve finish wrapping the multi-colored friendship bracelet.



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