Mix It Together Bracelet Project

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1) Take the 11" length of wire and thread on a Crimp bead, a 3mm Gold Bead and one half of the Box Clasp. Take the wire around and back through the Gold Bead and Crimp Bead. Pull so that the loop closes and the clasp cinches to the Crimp Bead. Crimp the bead closed with your Crimping Pliers. Cut off the excess wire with your Side Cutters. Thread on another 3mm Gold Bead.

2) Thread one of the Fancy beads on, followed by another 3mm Gold bead. Now, your beading pattern will consist of stringing on a fancy bead, followed by one of the random crystals (fit another 3mm Gold bead randomly into the pattern - use it in place of one of the crystals) until you have all but one of your Fancy beads threaded onto the wire.

3) Thread one 3mm Gold Bead and the last Fancy bead onto the wire. Thread on another 3mm Gold Bead, the last Crimp Bead, another 3mm Gold Bead and the other half of the Box Clasp (make sure that this will fit properly into the other half of the clasp before crimping the bead and locking the clasp in place). Take the wire around and back through the first 3mm Gold Bead and the Crimp Bead.

4) Pull the wire tight so that the clasp cinches up to the Crimp Bead and most of the slack has been taken out of the bracelet. You need a small amount of slack in the bracelet to allow the large beads to bend around the wrist, so check the placement by wrapping the bracelet around your wrist. If it's too tight, the bracelet will struggle to bend; too much slack results in the wire being too exposed when wrapped around the wrist.

5) When you have the placement just right, crimp the bead with your Crimping Pliers and cut the excess wire with your Side Cutters.

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5301 8mm Dark Red Coral
2 Crimp Bead 2mm Gold Color
7 Round Bead 3mm Gold Plated
1 Clasp - Filigree 12mm Base Metal Gold Plated
11" Beadalon Wire .018" 30ft Gold Color 7 Strand
10 Fancy Bead Assortment 10-15mm
1 Swarovski Round 5000 Bead 8mm Dark Indigo
3 Swarovski Briolette Bead 5040 8x5.25mm Crystal Golden Shadow

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