Mint Julep Necklace

Product Details


1 Pkg. Peridot Swarovski Graphic Bead

6 Feet Silver Plated Fine Curb Chain

1 Pkg. Silver Plated Jump Rings, 4mm

1 Pkg. Silver Plated Lobster Clasps

1 Pkg. 2 inch Thick Silver Plated Eye Pins

Tools you will need:

Flat Chain Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutters


Step 1. Cut the Chain so you will have three sections. One section will measure 32 inches, the second section will measure 14 inches and the remainder section will be used to create the Tassel. Set Aside

Step 2. Onto one Eye Pin thread the Peridot Graphic Bead. Form a simple loop above the bead by bending the Eye Pin 90 degrees with Flat Nose Pliers. Trim excess with Side Cutters to leave about 3/8 inch behind. Before curling this into a loop with Round Nose Pliers, find the center link of your longest chain and slide on the Graphic Bead.

Step 3. Twist open one Jump Ring and slide it through the end link of the 32 inch chain and end link of the 14 inch chain. Before twisting the Jump Ring closed slide on the Lobster Clasp. Repeat this for the opposite end links of the chain however sliding on the Jump Ring used for the closure of the Clasp.

Step 4. Taking your third section of chain use your Side Cutters to create different lengths of chain used for the Tassel. We were able to get seven pieces of chain measuring anywhere from one inch to two and a half inches.

Step 5. Twist open two Jump Rings and slide on your sections of chain. Before twisting the Jump Rings closed slide them onto the end of the Eye Pin with the Graphic Bead. Enjoy!

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