Milky Way Star Earring

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What you’ll need:

•two star-shaped freshwater pearls

•6 potato freshwater pearls

•6 headpins (I used 2 normal headpins and 4 ballpins)

•rhinestone chains, about 3cm x 2

•4 end clamps

•chains, 1.5cm x 2 and 2cm x 2

•2 earwires

•a pair of flat-nose pliers

•a pair of round-nose pliers


1) Place the rhinestone chain into the end clamp.

2) Fold over the prongs with flat-nose pliers. Repeat this for the other end of the rhinestone chain.

3) Thread the pearls to headpins, and bend the pins at 90 degrees angle.

4) Add the chain to one of the headpin.

5) Create a wrapped loop. Grasp the end of the headpin with round-nose pliers, and wrap it around the jaw of the pliers to create a loop. With the loop securely grasped with the round-nose pliers, grasp the tail wire with flat-nose pliers, then wind it around the main pin just below the loop for 2 to 3 times.

6) Cut off the excess tail wire with wire cutter, then squeeze down the tip so that no sharp edge sticks out. Repeat this for the other headpin.

7) Thread the star-shaped pearl to the headpin, then bend the pin at 90 degrees angle. Add the rhinestone chain and 2 chains with pearls to the bent headpin.

8) Create a wrapped loop (the same way as step 5 & 6).

9) Attach the end of the rhinestone chain to the earwire. Repeat the process to make another earring, and you’re done!


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