Metal Washer Necklace

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What you need:

Flat metal washers

Circle template or punch

Pattern paper

Modge Podge

Diamond Glass

Scissors (fine tipped in order to trim around the washer and cut with precision)

Emery board (fine-grained sand paper)



1. Cut a circle to fit the washer and punch a hole in the middle of the circle.

2. Spread Modge Podge on one side of the washer and then cover it with the patterned paper circle making sure that it fits exactly. If the paper is hanging over the side of the washer, then use your micro-tipped scissors to trim excess paper. Sand around the perimeter of the washer with the emery board and make sure the paper is adhered to the washer completely and that the paper is not popping up anywhere.

3. Once the paper is completely glued to the washer then take your diamond glass and squeeze it onto the paper in the middle all the way around the circle. Then use a tooth pick to spread the liquid evenly onto the washer covering the paper evenly.

Make sure the diamond glass seals the edges of the paper around the perimeter of the circle and in the middle. Let the diamond glass coat dry for at least 12 hours (overnight).

4. Once the liquid glass on the washer is completely dry then cut the leather cord to the desired length and attach to the washer. Hold the cord so that each end is even and make a loop in the middle, thread the loop through the middle of the washer and then wrap the two ends around the washer and thread them through the loop making a sort of slip knot around the washer.

5. Embellish the necklaces by hanging a charm in the middle and placing beads at the top of the cords.


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