Medallion Necklace Project

Product Details

1) Squirt a small amount of E6000 into the center of the picture frame and set the swarovski filigree into the center of it. Press down slightly so that the glue adheres well and allow to dry for about 30mins before picking up to move on.

2) Slide the picture frame onto the ice pick bail and press firmly to close the bail. Make sure that there is no gap left between the front and back of the bail - you may need to use flat nose pliers to securely close the bail properly.
3) Thread the 20" length of chain through the bail and then open the two jump rings. Use each jump ring to attach one half of the magnetic clasp to each end of the length of chain. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Round Picture Frame 23mm Pewter Antique Brass Plated
1 Swarovski Filigree 60860 Gun Metal Plated Indicolite/Dark Red Coral
1 Ice Pick Bail 8x4mm Antique Brass Plated
20" Chain - 3mm Antique Brass Plated
2 Jump Ring - Open 5mm Antique Brass Plated
1 Clasp - Magnetic Clasp
1 Glue

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