Mantra Bracelet Project

Product Details

1) Take the 10" length of elasticity stretch cord and thread on the Tibetan bead. Slide this bead to the center of your cording. On one side of the Tibetan bead, thread on six wooden beads and six metal spacer beads - alternate between the two. On the other side of the Tibetan bead, thread on six wooden beads and the remaining five metal spacer beads - again alternating between the two.

2) Make a secure knot with the remaining elasticity cording - this can be a square knot, surgeon's knot, whichever you decide. Pull so that the knot tightens on itself, but don't overstress the cording or it will weaken it. Cut the cording tails off and done!

Quantity of Items Needed
10" Elasticity Stringing Cord .8mm Clear 5 meters
1 Tibetan Bead - Conch Shell with Om Mantra 15x18mm Sterling Silver
12 Taad Wood Bead 14mm Round
11 Flat Flower Bead 5x1.5mm Nickel Plated

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