Mandala Bracelet

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1. Mandala Central Bead

Prepare your needle with about 100cm of nymo loom thread. Pass your needle through a millefiori bead leaving 15cm tail. Loop the thread round and through the bead twice. Repeat on the opposite side.

2. Pick up 1 lime rocaille. Take the thread under the threads on one side of the central bead and back up through the rocaille.

3. Continue this all the way round with lime rocailles until you are back to the first rocaille. You should have 14 in total. Take the thread down the first rocaille and then back up the last rocaille. All the rows will be finished in this way. Use the same technique to make the rest of the rows, catching the threads between the rocailles on the previous row to hold the beads.

4. Using silver rocailles, employ the same technique to make row 2, catching the threads between the rocailles on the previous row to hold the beads. You will have to add more rocailles than on the previous row to make a total of 18. Simply add an extra rocaille in the same way when your mandala starts to feel a bit tight.

5. Row 3 and 4 are made together. Add your first lime rocaille in the same way as rows 1 and 2.

Pick up 1 ruby and 1 lime rocaille. In the usual way, go under the thread and up the lime rocaille. Your ruby rocaille should be lying on its side. Repeat this all the way round (1 ruby and 1 lime).

6. Pass your needle down the first rocaille and weave through to the central bead. Thread down the central bead and then tie your thread to the central thread. Weave your thread through several rocailles and trim. Repeat with the central thread. Make 3 more lime mandalas. Then make 4 mandalas replacing the lime rocailles with sky blue.

7. Prepare your needle with 150cm of thread. Create a stop bead by picking up 1 ruby rocaille and moving it to about 15cm from the end of your thread. Loop round and through the rocaille again and pull tight. Pick up 2 lime rocailles,

1 millefiori bead, 2 lime rocailles and 5 ruby rocailles. Weave your thread through the rocailles on a sky blue mandala to the central bead. Pass through the central bead and the following rocailles coming out of a sky blue rocaille on the opposite side of the mandala.

8. Pass your needle through the sideways ruby rocaille to the left of the sky blue rocaille you have just come out of. Pick up 2 ruby rocailles and pass through a sideway ruby rocaille on a lime mandala. Pick up 1 ruby rocaille and pass your needle through the next sideway rocaille to the right of it. Pick up 2 more ruby rocailles and pass your needle through and towards the sideways rocaille you came out of on the sky blue mandala. Pick up 1 ruby rocaille and pass through the first sideways rocaille again. Weave through the first 2 ruby rocailles you picked up and then, as you did with the sky blue mandala, all the way through the lime mandala, coming out on the opposite side. Alternating between lime and sky blue, continue to add all the mandalas in this way.

9. Pick up 30 ruby rocailles. Pass your needle back down through the first 5 rocailles you picked up (from 5 to 1). Pull tight.

To finish off, weave through the mandala knotting in-between rocailles as you go. Trim excess thread. Attach your needle to the 15cm stop bead thread and weave through, knotting in the same way. Trim any excess thread.

10. Your finished bracelet should look something like this.


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