Making an Embroidery Hoop Art for Your Friends

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You will be very surprised for this DIY work and have a try.

Here is the picture of showing the detail.

Here are the materials that we need to know.

There is a background fabric, linen or other solid for book embroidery floss, embroidery floss, hoop, fusible webbing, hot glue for gluing down on back of hoop and disappearing marker.

Start by tracing your stack of books onto your solid fabric and put this fabric into a hoop.

Stitch all the books and the frames with a simple back stitch.

Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the frame. Fuse this to the back side of the embroidery and trim around the frame.

Remove the paper backing and fuse your books to the background.

Trace the word ”shhh" and stitch that onto the background fabric.

Make sure your fabric in the hoop is nice and tight.

Glue the fabric with hot glue to inside back of the hoop. And we have done.

I am sure you wil like it very much and want to have a try, isn't?

Share it with your lovers or your friends together.

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