Making Rose Crystal Bracelet

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In order to show you more clearly, we here choose some beads in different colors.

They are in orange, green, fuchsia, orange, pink, crystal and blue color. Arranged as below:

Step 1: Make the wire through orange bead

Step 2: And then, join pink, crystal and blue sequentially

Step 3: Make a circle from left and through pink and crystal bead

Step 4: Add two beads(fuchsia, green) from right just next to the orange one

Step 5: Make a circle from right and through the wire into blue bead

Step 6: After step 5, continue to make the wire through fuchsia and green bead

Step 7: Add an orange bead from right

Step 8: Make left wire through orange bead as well

Step 9: Tension on both sides of the wire. Then, a beautiful rose is done.

Based on these tips, you can design your own rose crystal bracelet as you like. Come on! Try it now!

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