Making Ribbon Necklace

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This picture of ribbon necklace looks very beautiful, but do you know how to make it? Today's project will teach you the details of making this beautiful ribbon necklace. Now, let us try together.

Material needed: cotton cord, silk fabrics, mesh ribbon, chiffon ribbon, brooch jewelry, metal chain, glue and sewing machine.

Step 1: wrap the cotton cord with silk fabrics, fix it with glue. 

Step 2: connect a chain at the end of cord, then cross-wound the two pieces of silk cords.

Step 3: making the chiffon ribbons into long strips. As the following shows:

Step 4: wrap the cord we have made with mesh fabric and fix it by glue.

Step 5: connector chiffon ribbon cord and make a knot.

Step 6: decorate the brooch onto the necklace. It is OK!

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