Make Your Own Rings

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 Please prepare the materials and make your own ring with us.

 Supplies needed in making your own rings:

  • 4mm round, 3mm bicone and 4mm cube Swarovski Crystal Beads
  • Transparent Seed Beads
  • Nylon Wire

There are some steps for you to make handdecrafted jewelry as follows:

Step1: String four round Swarovski crystal beads and cross through the last one to form a loop.

Step2: Repeat step1 to make three bead loops.

Step3: Slide beads.

1st, string two seed beads and a cube Swarovski crystal bead, and then thread the wire back through its opposite round Swarovski crystal bead. 

2nd, continue string like that until reaching the first bead. 

3rd, thread another end of the wire marked green back through the beads as shown in picture. 

4th, string three seed beads a glass bead to the wires and cross through the glass bead for getting a loop. 

Step4: Continue sliding seed beads and glass beads to make the ring base until reaching the round Swarovski crystal bead on the other end. And then slide seed beads to the two other blank sides of the three cube Swarovski crystal beads. Tie a knot.

Finally, you have made your own ring. It is very beautiful and shining. This ring can certainly be your personalized handcrafted jewelry.


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