Make Pom Poms

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You’ll need:



•fork (with 4 prongs)


1) Wrap the yarn tightly around the fork.

2) Cut a small piece of yarn (about 10cm will do), thread it through the middle prongs and tie it around the yarn.

3) Make a double knot.

4) pull the string to gather the yarn.

5) Take the yarn off the fork, and pull the string tighter.

6) Cut all the loops.

And now your pom pom will look like this. It looks like a sea urchin, but don’t worry.

7) Trim it until it’s round (doesn’t have to be perfectly round, yet).

8) Roll it between your fingers several times.

This makes the yarns to ‘stand up’, so you won’t miss odd bits of long yarns.

9) Repeat step 7 and 8 until the pom pom is round, and you’re done!


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