Make Leopard Ear Hair Band

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Let's make a lovely leopard ear hair band for your baby. It's really very easy.

Prepare a leopard pattern cloth, a hair band, a brown ribbon, a hot glue stick and double-sided tape

Step 1: Use the double-sided tape stick around the hair band. 

Step 2: Paste the ribbon(8cm) on both ends of the hair band

Step 3: Then wrap all hair band with the ribbon, two ends can be fixed by the double-sided tape.

Step 4: Cut out four ear shaped cloth.

Step 5: As shown, sew two ears

Step 6: Then sew and tighten the bottom 

Step 7: Use hot glue stick to paste two ears on the hair band

Step 8: Make two ribbon bowknots and paste them on the ears. Leopard ear hair band is completed.

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