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One method for creating interest in a piece of jewelry is mixing different types of metals. The different colors of the metals can create contrast and surprise while at the same time allowing the wearer to mix the jewelry piece with all types of other jewelry. You no longer have to wear all white or all yellow metals. Feel free to mix it up a little.

These Filigree Flower Hoop Earrings use silver, brass, and gold-filled. However, use this as a guide. If you don’t have gold-filled ear hooks, silver works just as well. If you prefer to use gold-filled wire instead of silver, then that’s okay too. Either copy this project exactly or use it as a jumping off place for your own taste and imagination.

- Brass Filigree Flower (Code: E6266)
-Silver Plate Filigree Rings (Code: 7361S)
-6mm smoky quartz bicone crystal beads
-gold-filled ear hooks
2 – 4mm brass jump rings
8 inches of round sterling 24-guage soft wire
Wire cutters
Round-nosed pliers
Flat-nosed pliers


Step 1: Connect Wire to Hoop


Begin by taking some wire and wrap it around the hoop, making sure to make a wrapped loop at the top to secure the wire onto the hoop component.

Step 2: Add Crystal Bead


Trim off excess wire, and add a crystal bead to the wire. Push the bead up against the wrap loop you made in the previous step.

Step 3: Next Wire Wrap


Now, make another wrapped loop on the other side of the bead and trim off excess wire

Step 4: Add Filigree Flower


Before closing the jump ring, slip the top of the flower filigree component onto the jump ring.

Step 5: Finish Filigree Flower Earrings


Finally, add a ear hook to the top of the earring, and repeat the above steps to make a matching pair

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