Loop Fringe

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Step 1: Getting Started

To get into position, weave needle and thread down so that you are exiting the bottom edge of your beadwork. If your thread is too short, add a new thread in the body of the beadwork and weave down so you are exiting the bottom edge of your beadwork.

Pick up the desired number of beads plus one. For this example, I used a total of 20 beads.

Pass needle back through the first bead picked up, and then back into the bead you originally exited.


Step 2: Get Into Position for the Next Loop

To get into position to add the next loop, pass needle down through the next bead in the bottom edge.


Step 3: Tips and Ideas for Loop Fringe

Like the straight leg fringe, loop fringe doesn\'t have to be boring.

•Use bugle beads for the sides of the loop and a length of seed beads in the middle of the loop.

•Hang a charm off the bottom of each loop, either picked up when you string the beads for each loop, or attached with a jump ring.

•Make loops of crystals, fire polished beads, or glass rondelles.

•Intertwine the loops by passing the next set of beads through the previously completed loop before securing.



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