Linear Earrings Exude Refined Elegance

Product Details

Wearing linear earrings will guarantee a sleek and refined elegance worthy of the red carpet. These drops dive so deep that many different styles and looks can be achieved. Choosing which style you want may be the toughest decision you'll make!

Wear earrings ending in spherical shapes to parties and nights out on the town. The closer to your shoulders these orbs get, the more jaws will drop in awe. Look for pearl or diamond styles for the most lustrous looks.

If you want to add interest all the way down the line, look for long gemstone styles. For a simple kind of sultriness, choose a pair with gemstones of similar sizes. If you really want to add intrigue, gemstones of different sizes or shapes will do the trick. If you want an edgy yet sophisticated look, try mixing colorful gems or pearls with black diamonds.

With so many styles of linear earrings available, you can choose the amount of drama that suits you. Complement your drops with a slicked back ponytail or chic chignon and there's no doubt your ears will exude elegance.

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