Leather Cord Bracelet

Product Details

What you’ll need:

•leather cord, 25 – 30cm (I used 0.7mm cord for this)

•15 metal beads (make sure your cord fit in them!)

•2 cord crimps

•3 jump rings (I used two 3mm and one 1cm)

•1 clasp

•scissors, pair of flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers


1) Place the leather cord in a cord crimp. If you are using thin cord like me, fold the end of the cord to make it more secure.

2) Squeeze and close the crimp with flat-nose pliers.

3) Trim the shorter end of the cord.

4) Thread all your metal beads.

5) Attach a cord crimp at the other end.

6) Add a clasp and a bigger jump ring using smaller jump rings.

And you’re done! If you don’t want your beads to slide, tie a knot at both sides.

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