Leaf Earring

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What you’ll need:


•2 drop beads

•a pair of earwires

•10 jump rings

•2 triangle bails

•small piece of suede

•gold embossing powder

•glue pen  


•heat gun


•orangewood stick/ tweezers

•pair of flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and scissors


1) Using a glue pen, draw a small leaf on the wrong side of the suede.

2) Pour a generous amount of embossing powder on the leaf, and shake off the excess powder on a piece of paper.


3) Repeat Step 1 and 2 to make ten leaves covered with embossing powder.

4) Pour the excess embossing powders back into the jar.


5) With the heat gun, heat the embossing powders until they melt.

6) Cut out the leaves using scissors.


7) Make a hole at the top of a leaf with an awl.

8) Using round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers, place a jump ring through the hole.


9) Repeat Step 7 and 8 to assemble 5 leaves for each earring – but don’t attach jump rings on the bottom leaves.

10) Attach triangle bails on the bottom leaves.


11) Place drop beads between the bails, squeeze and close them with flat-nose pliers.

12) Attach earwires at the top.


13) Glue rhinestones on the leaves using an orangewood stick or tweezers. And you’re done!


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