Laddered Herringbone

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These instructions will use flat herringbone with 4 base stitches (two-bead groups), and a ladder in the centre. Two bead colors are used to show the separate areas of beadwork.

Materials Needed:

Seed beads in 2 colors (A, B)

Beading thread

Beading needle


Step 1) Begin with a bead ladder that is 8 beads long, using color A beads. Add 4 rows of basic flat herringbone weave.

Step 2) Step up to begin the fifth row, and add the first two herringbone stitches.

Step 3) Pick up one color B bead and step up through the next A bead from row 4. Complete two more herringbone stitches as usual.

Step 4) Step up to begin row six and add two herringbone stitches.

Step 5) Pick up two color B beads and step up through the next color A bead from row 5. Add two more herringbone stitches to finish the row.

Continue adding one bead per row to the ladder until it is six beads across.

Step 6) Pick up six beads for the ladder in each row until the band reaches the desired length, minus one inch.

Step 7) Reduce the number of beads in the ladder by one in each row. Add four rows of basic flat herringbone to complete the band.

Finish the ends as desired, secure the tail threads and trim.


To create a ladder with spaces, you can skip every other row. Simply stitch through the ladder beads from the previous row and step up through two beads to complete the herringbone stitches.

When using bugle beads, you will need to add seed beads at the start of the band until the ladder is as wide as your bugles. You may also want to add seed beads on either side of the bugles as bumpers to protect the thread.

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