Lace Bowknot Necklace

Product Details

What you’ll need:

•fabric stiffener

•lace, about 15cm in length

•chain, 2 x 20cm and a 8cm bigger chain for adjuster

•4 jumprings

•1 clasp

•gold nail polish

•flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire cutters


1) Tie a bow with the lace. Trim the excess if necessary.

2) Spray the fabric stiffener until the bow is wet. Lay the bow on a kitchen paper and microwave it until it is dry (mine took about 40 seconds). Repeat the step until the bow is stiff enough for your liking (I sprayed twice).

3) Paint the bow with nail polish. Don’t forget to paint the back as well!

4) Leave to dry.

5) Using jumprings, attach a clasp to a chain, and adjuster chain to the other chain.

6) Attach the end of chain to the bow using a jumpring.

7) Attach another chain to the other side of the bow.

8) It’s optional, but I like adding a bead to the end of the adjuster.


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