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1.Cut your desired length of cording, leaving at least 6” to 8” extra inches on each end of your design to accommodate a simple, overhand knot.

2.Tie your first overhand knot.

3.Thread the first clamshell bead tip onto the cording by passing the cord into the center of the clamshell. The knot should be “cupped” inside the clamshell.

4.Apply a small dab of glue onto the knot. Let the glue dry.

5.Use a pair of snips or scissors to trim any excess cording as close to the knot as possible.

6.To conceal the knot, simply close the clamshell around the knot with chain nose pliers.

7.Thread one side of your desired clasp onto the end of the clamshell. Use your chain nose pliers to close the end around your clasp. Press firmly to secure.

8.String on your desired beads. At the end of your bead strand, thread your cording through the bottom of another clamshell.

9.Tie an overhand knot, using tweezers to move the knot to fit snuggly against the hinge of the clamshell. The clamshell should fit snuggly against

the bead strand.

Repeat steps 4-7 to secure the clamshell and attach the second side of your clasp.

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