How to use Crimping Pliers to Crimp a Crimp Bead

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To use a crimp bead to attach a clasp, thread the crimp bead onto the bead stringing wire and then thread on the clasp. Pass the bead wire back through the crimp bead.
Squash the crimp bead onto the bead stringing wire using either crimping pliers or chain nose pliers (see below).
How to use Crimping Pliers to \'Crimp\' a Crimp Bead

Place the bead on the beading wire and then place it between the jaws of the crimping pliers in the first notch, the one nearest the handles.

Try to make sure the two lengths of wire go either side of the small point in this notch of the pliers (see the cross-section diagram on the right).
Press the jaws of the pliers together to form a small indent in the top of the crimp bead.
Rotate the crimp bead 90 degrees and move it to the notch near the end of the pliers to shape it. Press the pliers together again to fold the ‘U’ shaped bead in half and to give a neater finish.
You can continue to rotate and re-crimp to try and achieve a nice round crimp bead.
Note: Placing the crimp bead or tube in the outer notch first to turn it into a slight oval can make it easier to keep it in position when you place it in the inner notch.

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