How to Wrap a Briolette

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1. Gather supplies and tools.

Use a fine point marker and mark the jaws of your round nose pliers at about 3/8" (4.76 mm) (or other measurement) from their tip. This will help you to make consistent sized wire loops.

2. Cut a piece of wire about 5" (12.7 cm) long. Center the bead on the wire.

3. With your thumb and index finger, bend the wire to form an 'X' above the bead.

4. Open the 'X' so that the intersection of the wires are close to the top of the bead. Leave enough room for the top of the bead to swing freely.

5. Pickup the bead and wire with your non dominant hand. With your dominant hand, pickup the chain nose pliers. Where the wires intersect, use the pliers to bend one of the wires to a vertical position.

6. With your non dominant hand pickup the round nose pliers and grasp both wires above the bead between the pliers jaws.

With your dominant hand pickup the chain nose pliers, grasp the tip of the unbent wire.

7. Tighten your grip on the round nose pliers. Using the chain nose pliers, bring the tip of the unbent wire over the bent wire and downward to a vertical position.

8. Use your chain nose pliers and push the wrapping wire close to the base of the intersecting wires.

9. With the chain nose pliers grasp the tip of the wrapping wire and bring it upward, wrapping it around the horizontal wire. You've now completed one wrap. Make two more wraps around the horizontal wire.

10. Use your chain nose pliers and push the wrapping wires close to the base of the intersecting wires.

11. This keeps the wraps closer together, which makes for a neater, better looking wrap.

12. With the wire cutters, trim any excess wire from the wraps.

13. With the chain nose pliers, tuck the wire end close to the straight wire.

14. Now you'll form a simple wire loop with the straight wire. Trim (not pictured) the straight wire to about 5/8" (8 mm). With the chain nose pliers, grasp the straight wire directly above the wraps.

15. Now, bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.

16. With your dominant hand, pick up the round nose pliers. Grasp one end of the wire between the pliers' jaws at the mark you made in step 1. Make sure that the wire is flush or even with the top of the pliers' jaws. This will help to keep the loop round.

17. Rotate the pliers toward the bend in the wire, making a loop.

If you don't form a loop in one movement, simply adjust the pliers and rotate them again to make an complete loop.

18. Use the round or chain nose pliers to line up the loop's opening with its body.

19. A perfectly formed wire wrapped plain open loop above a bead.


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