How to Use the Tandy Rivet Setter

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Learn how to use the Tandy rivet setter with this Handy Tip. Rivets are great for embellishing leather designs and for making cold connections. With this rivet setter, it\'s even easier to use them in your designs!


Regaliz 10mm Burgundy and Black Flat Leather

Lillypilly Designs Blue Suede Sheet

Craftool Rivet Setter

Craftool Dot/Rivet Anvil

Deluxe Riveting Hammer

Craftool Pro Rotary Leather Punch

TierraCast Antique Pewter Z Hook Clasp

TierraCast 4mm Antique Pewter Rivet Set



Step 1

You will need the rivet setter, the anvil that works with it and a TierraCast rivet set.


Step 2

Use a hole punch to punch two holes in your leather where you want your rivets to go. We punched holes for the loop at the end of the bracelet.


Step 3

Fold the leather over so two of the holes line up and a loop is formed at the end of the leather. Place the bottom half of the rivet through the hole in the underside of the leather.


Step 4

Place the top of the rivet through the other hole and into the bottom half of the rivet.


Step 5

Place the rivet in the leather on the flat side of the anvil and position the concaved end of the setter on the rivet.


Step 6

Strike the end of the setter with a hammer to set the rivet.


Step 7

You now have a finished rivet.


Step 8

This is what the back side of your rivet should look like.


Step 9

Punch holes and set rivets into the opposite end of the bracelet to create a loop for the clasp.


Step 10

Decorate the leather with more rivets. You can use circles cut from suede between the rivet and the leather for a fun embellishment.


Step 11

Set these rivets just as you did in the previous steps.


Step 12

You now have a beautiful leather bracelet decorated with rivets!


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