How to Make an Even Peyote Stitch

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Step 1: String ten seed beads onto the thread. In this example we used 4mm cube beads to make the technique more visible.  
Step 2: Pull the first bead on the row away from the rest. Thread one seed bead onto the needle, pulling it down onto the thread.  
Step 3: Skip over the bead you pulled away and thread the needle through the next bead on the strand. Pull the thread tight.  
Step 4: Two of the cubes should stack neatly on top of the third. You may have to encourage them into place.  
Step 5: Add another bead to your thread. Skip one bead and thread through the next.  
Step 6: Pull the thread tight. Your beads should look like the image. Continue until you have reached the end of the row.  
Step 7: When you get to the end of the row, you will choose a side, and commit to it. This is the side you will always build on. You will see that you have created a stair-step effect. Going forward we will refer to these as "up" and "down" beads.  
Step 8: Add a bead and thread the needle back through the first up bead.  
Step 9: Help this bead into its place, so that it fits snuggly beside the first bead in that row.  
Step 10: Add another bead and go through the next up bead. Continue in this manner to the end of the row.  
Step 11: When you get to the end of the row, add a bead and, remembering to string on the same side of the piece, go back through the first up bead. Continue the pattern to the end of the row. You can add as many rows as you like. We stopped at four rows.  

Step 12: To finish your design, weave the needle and thread back through the piece in a diagonal fashion, crossing back and forth across the rows to strengthen it. There is no right or wrong way to criss-cross the thread, as long as the beads stay tightly in place. Repeat this three of four more times and cut the thread.


Step 13: Repeat step 12 for the "tail" of the bead stopper, attaching it to a needle and weaving in and out of the design on the other end.  


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