How to Make an Easy Ant Craft with Beads

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    Let’s learn how to make the fun and easy craft at home from the following details.

    Materials needed in making the ant craft for kids:

  • 0.5mm Copper Wires
  • 10mm Bicone Acrylic Beads
  • 6mm Mixed Bicone Acrylic Beads
  • Wire Cutter Plier
  • Flat Plier
  • Round Nose Plier

    Step 1: Cut wire preparing for beading.

    1st, cut a 15cm copper wire and fold in half;
    2nd, roll the folded end with the round nose plier as picture shows.


  Step 2: Start bead ant's body.
   1st, slide one 6mm orange bead, one 6mm pink bead, one 6mm orange bead, one 6mm pink bead and an 6mm orange bead in sequence;
   2nd, add two 10mm acrylic bicone beads, one 6mm pink bead, one 6mm orange bead and a 10mm bicone beads again;
   3rd, in order to make the ant more vivid, here I bend the ant’s head a little upward, the ant’s body comes out;
   4th, pull the two wire sideward to form the ant’s tentacle, then slide a 6mm pink bead on each tentacle, finally roll the tentacle inward.


  Step 3: Make legs for the ant.
  1st, cut three 3mm copper wires;
  2nd, twine the 3mm wires round the main axis between the third and fourth bead;
  3rd, make a loop on both end and bend them to an angle of 90 degrees with the leg to support the body;
  4th, repeat the 2nd and 3rd twice to make another four legs, pay attention to the distance of the legs.


   Finally, the ant craft for kids has been finished.

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