How to Make Wire Rings

Product Details

Quantity of Items Needed:

12 gauge aluminum craft wire, 2 feet


Soft rag

Wire cutter

Jewelry pliers

Pen or knitting needle the circumference of your ring size


Step 1: Prepare all the materials you\'ll need.


Step 2: Measure and cut 2 feet of 12 gauge aluminum wire with your wire cutters.


Step 3: Bend the ring around your round object four times. Leave a 1 inch tail on the back side of the band. Leave the other end long on the front of the band. It will measure about 8 inches, although the exact measurement depends on the ring size.


Step 4: Wrap the end of the wire with a piece of cloth to protect it from getting scratched by the rough pliers. Grab the short tail of your wire and twist it down into a circle looping toward the wrapped ring.


Step 5: Take the long end of the wire and twist it in a second spiral. This loop must start with a very tight crimped bend at first, then a looser loop, circling around the initial crimp parallel many times until there is no excess wire. This spiral should fall on the opposite side of the other one, on the front of the band.


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