How to Make Paper Flowers

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Things You'll Need

•Pink crepe paper

•Green crepe paper


•Floral stems

•Floral tape

•Cotton balls

Step 1: Gather supplies needed.

Step 2: Cut a 1 1/2-inch circle from the pink crepe paper. Stick a floral stem through a wad of cotton and place it in the center of the paper circle.

Step 3: Gather the paper around the cotton ball and twist it around the stem. Secure it in place with the floral tape. Cut out 8 of the small template pieces from the crepe paper. Cut 16 medium-sized pieces and 8 large pieces.

Step 4: Fold a pleat into the first small petal piece and place it on the bud stem about halfway above the bud. Secure in place with floral tape. Place the next two petals, overlapping each previous piece as you go.

Step 5: Attach the next five petals at about the same level, one at a time, pleating each one before placing it and securing it with floral tape.

Step 6: Place the medium-sized petal pieces as before, overlapping each petal slightly and securing them with floral tape. Wrap the tape around twice for each petal placed. Keep tension on the tape to engage the tacky properties as you wrap around the stem and petals.

Step 7: Place the last and largest petals to round out the shape of the peony. Tape down the stem every few petals to stabilize the bloom as you go. Shape the petals starting in the center by slightly stretching the edges of the crepe paper between your thumbs and pulling toward you.

Step 8: Cut out 2 or 3 leaves from the green crepe paper. Glue a wire stem down the center of each leaf. When the glue is dry, wrap the stems with floral tape. Place the leaf stems on the main flower stem and tape in place.



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